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The revolutionary Access Control unit, the 2N® Access Unit is based purely on IP technology and combines in itself an RFID card reader and door controller. Captivating by its representative design and simplicity at first glance. Of course there is also the possibility of linking with 2N IP intercoms, giving you a comprehensive Access Control solution. ACCESS CONTROL Prevent the entry of unauthorized persons to the building using 2N® Access Unit. Achieve a greater level of security for all the people on site by it. READER AND CONTROLLER IN 1 Reduce the costs associated with installation an Access System thanks to the 2N® Access Unit. You get an RFID card reader, a door controller and IP converter in one device. TROUBLE-FREE INSTALLATION The Access Control unit can easily be got up and running by people without any installation experience. All without even having to go through intensive training or to pore over cryptic manuals. OPENING THE DOOR BY PHONE 2N® Access Unit will allow you to open the door not only using an RFID card or key fob, but also using an NFC-enabled smart-phone. ADMINISTRATION VIA WEB INTERFACE The Access Control unit simply plugs into your LAN network and, subsequently, can be easily set-up via a web interface. PROTECTION AGAINST INTRUSION The 2N® Access Unit can be augmented with a door-open sensor and a security relay. You will thus prevent unauthorized intrusion and tampering with the lock. EXPANSION WITH ADDITIONAL MODULES The access control unit can be augmented with additional expansion modules (e.g. keyboard, wiegand, etc.), which you’ll appreciate in more complicated installations. WARNING ON USE OF INVALID CARD If anyone tries to enter the site using an invalid card, the 2N® Access Unit immediately alerts the administrator about the card’s ID number. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE You can install the Access Control unit thanks to its mechanical properties not only inside the building, but also in an outdoor environment.

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