ALOGIC USB-C to USB-C Audio and USB-C Charging Adapter– Space Grey with 100W (20V/5A) Power Delivery Data a




The ALOGIC USB-C To Dual USB-C Audio + Charging Combo Adapter allows you to plug in an audio device whilst simultaneously charging your smartphone tablet or laptop. Most new devices are designed with a single USB-C port making it impossible to charge your device whilst simultaneously listening to music through your headphones. The ALOGIC adapter solves this problem allowing you to charge your device and listen to audio via a single USB-C port.Listen To Music While You ChargeGives you the freedom to use your headphones or audio devices and listen to your music or watch a video on your USB-C enabled device while you charge it. The dual functionality does not require you to choose between charging or connecting a headphone or audio device.Fast Charge Your DeviceFast charge your device with up to 100W of power when connected with a suitable charger. It also uses the latest Power Delivery 3.0 technology for best in class compatibility with support for most popular devices such as Google Pixel iPad Pro MacBook or Microsoft Surface.Premium Ultra-Built QualityCompact and portable for easy on-the-go use with your smartphone tablet or laptop. It is built with an aluminium housing and supported by a TPE strain relief for maximum durability strength and flexibility at the same time.

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