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  • Add-on Supertruck to Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit&not&dagger
  • Oversized with a&not&daggersmooth exterior, this truck&not&daggerhits hard and takes no prisoners
  • Supertrucks use their size, weapons and control system to dominate the tracks
  • Supertrucks come with an exclusive game, new commanders and a new battle mode
  • Challenge friends or artificially intelligent (AI) opponents that learn and adapt as you play
  • An Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit and a compatible mobile device are required to play
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices


Each Supertruck is a self-aware robot, driven by powerful artificial intelligence (A.I.) and equipped with deadly strategy.

Mean and savage, X-52 hits hard and takes no prisoners! It's&not&daggerbig, powerful, unpredictable and comes with big tricks up his&not&daggersleeve. Stay out of his way or you'll be blasted off the track by his Pulse Ram.

Supertruck X-52&not&daggeris loaded with cutting-edge features, including an optical sensor, a dedicated 50MHz CPU, and two high performance motors, for precision&not&daggermanoeuvring&not&daggerwith 1 mm accuracy.

X-52's exclusive features:

  • Takeover&not&dagger-&not&daggerchallenge friends or AI Commanders in this&not&daggerSupertruck exclusive game mode where the opponent who can break through a super trucks defences can take over control of the vehicle to wreak havoc until another player disables them and takes over
  • Commanders&not&dagger-&not&daggerchallenge&not&daggerexclusive commanders from the Badlands, home to misfits, outlaws, and outcasts, in Open Play
  • Rage Mode - race at top speed to gradually fill the Supertruck&sbquo&Auml&ocircs Rage Meter. Once completely full the Supertruck will accelerate beyond its normal top speed and constantly fires its special weapon until the Rage Meter is depleted

The Supertrucks&not&daggeraren't just trucks&not&dagger- they're robots programmed for battle. Whatever track you build, the trucks&not&daggerwill&not&daggerlearn it. Wherever you drive, they'll hunt you down. The better you play, the better they become. Continuous software updates&not&daggerensure&not&daggerthe gameplay always stays fresh. This is t ech so advanced, it feels like the future!

Engine type Electric engine
Type Car
Construction type Ready-to-Run (RTR)
Housing colour Black,Red
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