Benetech GM610 Timber Moisture Meter

BenetechSKU: GM-610



Manufacturer: Benetech. Benetech are a renowned manufacturer of convenient testing and measurement tools such as infrared thermometers, anemometers, sound level meters and ultrasonic thickness gauges. A strict quality control system coupled with a rigorous product inspection, ensures there is a Benetech tool to meet your every requirement!


* Manufacturers part code: GM610.
* Measuring range: 2 to 40%/50%/60%/70%.
* Resolution: 0.5%.
* Temperature range: -10 to 60c.
* Humidity range: 20 to 90%RH.
* Moisture response speed: <1s.
* Adjustable for 4 tree species.
* Auto temperature compensation.
* Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (included).

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