Eaton ESF633-TN-E surge protector Black




- Compact solution for Class II / Cat B,C & D, Point of Entry, distribution board and sub board surge protection - 2 mode protection L-N or L-E & N-E - High kA rating per phase 100kA, Imax - Exceptionally low let through voltage <600V @ 3kA / 8/20us, <800V @ 50kA / 8/20us, Inom - 50A to 80A single and three phase models - Fully enclosed and gear tray versions to suit switch boards - Can be configured for 3:1 phase bypass loads - Available in TN & TT systems versions - Eliminates RCD/ELCB tripping by being installed at the service bus UPSTREAM of RCD/ELCB’s. ( In accordance with latest wiring rules recommendations.) - Cost effective solution where multiple 20A series filters cause cost over run and increased cabinet foot print. The ESF series surge filters are Class II, single and three phase, 2 port SPDs, designed to provide complete site surge protection in a compact footprint. These models utilize UL1449 ed3 certified thermallyfused MOV devices in conjunction with air-wound inductors to provide a current-limited output, coordinated to surge levels below 3kA. This means that all downstream power circuits are protected to ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Category B level, the common level that medium power LV loads (UPS, rectifier, industrial machines) are designed to accept. The design results in an exceptionally low let through voltage. ( <600V, 3kA, 8/20us ). In addition, the units also provide filtering of line harmonics, noise and RF transmitters with a cut off frequency of <10KHz and a nominal attenuation of 48dB above 1MHz. The units can be supplied in gear-tray format for installation into a switchboard, or enclosed in an IP54 enclosure. When installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and applicable standards, this unit provides a high degree of protection to connected loads. Models are offered in 1 or 3 phase for TT or TNbased power systems in the range of 50A to 80A.

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