Gumdrop Cases Tablet Hand Strap - Designed to attached to the rear of tablets, iPads & select cases using a double click velcro ring with 3M adhesive back

Gumdrop CasesSKU: HSDT-GRY-V2



Gumdrop's new hand strap is a great universal solution for anyone seeking ergonomic hand-held device interaction. An ambidextrous design allows for versatile use between right and left handed users, while a flexible strap provides secure adjustability and comfort for any user. Attache to almost all tablets, iPads or cases using the double click velcro ring with adhesive back. The strap adjusts to different hand sizes and is molded to ergonomically fit the inside and outside of your hand allowing for easy 360 degree rotation. Get a better grip on the device you use in the field, at your business or anywhere else on the go.

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