Kensington Desktop Comfort Keyboard Drawer with SmartFit® System




Keyboard drawer uses the smartfit® system û measure, adjust, fit. Workspace that works for you. Sliding drawer has ample room for keyboard with wrist rest and a mouse with mouse pad, and can be installed at 1 of 3 height levels.

•  Smartfit® System û measure, adjust, fit. Workspace that works for you.
•  Set your optimal keyboarding height quickly and easily by adjusting to match your smartfit® colour
•  Drawer fits all sizes of keyboard including oversize and ergonomically shaped models
•  Extra-Wide 26" tray can also hold a wrist rest, mouse and mouse pad alongside the keyboard
•  Cable management included
•  Black
•  29.5"L x 28.0"W. Height levels include 2", 2.5" and 4"
•  Taa compliant

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