Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add On For T-Series Racing Wheels

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Manufacturer: Thrustmaster. Founded in 1992, Thrustmaster has been proud to bring all of its know how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market. For nearly twenty years, Thrustmaster has developed solutions to satisfy and entertain every type of gamer, by creating products for highly precise gaming experiences such as racing wheels and joysticks, along with fun accessories for gaming consoles. Reflecting their core values of "Passion, Innovation and Quality", Thrustmasters goal is to allow users to enjoy a genuinely exceptional experience with its products and to make their gaming dreams a reality.


* Manufacturers name: Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On (for T500 RS & TX Wheels).
* Compatibility: PC, Xbox One & Playstation3.


* Official Ferrari licensed product.
* A precise, robust and realistic racing wheel.
* Detachable Ferrari 150th Italia racing wheel replica.
* Reinforced scratched brushed metal facing ensuring optimum solidity and inertia.
* Genuine F1 style scratched brushed metal push & pull shifters.
* Rubber textured wheel offering a realistic and comfortable grip.
* Enables user to switch from GT style wheel to an F1 wheel (and conversely).
* Professional quality rotary knobs, switches and action buttons including:

- 2x Encoder rotary knobs.
- 8x Dual detent push buttons.
- 3x Three position metal switches with wheel recentering.
- 2x High pressure, 8 directional D-pads responding to realistic pressure.
- 2x Up and down speed shifters (F1 Push & Pull style).

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