TP-LINK AC1200 Internal WLAN 867 Mbit/s




802.11ac - Dual Band Wi-Fi for Faster Connections TP-LINK's Archer T4E supports the advanced Wi-Fi standard of IEEE 802.11ac, offering 3 times transferring rates as IEEE 802.11n. You can send emails and browse the web with 2.4GHz network, while keeping the speedy 5GHz band free for gaming, HD streaming and other bandwidth intensive applications. Greater Coverage with Beamforming Beamforming technology smartly focuses Wi-Fi signals towards connected devices for stable connections and boosted range. Heat Sink for Ultimate Stability A heat sink helps to dissipate the thermal energy generated by the adapter, which in turn improves stability. Additionally, lower temperatures help to extend the product lifespan. External Antennas for More Targeted signal Two external antennas utilize the latest wireless technology to achieve stable connections and boosted coverage.

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