Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M Midi Tower Black

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The SL, Going Dark
The MasterCase SL600M Black Edition celebrates the dark side of the SL Series—the side that gets irked by business casual attire and the hum of fluorescent office lighting. It prefers the comfort of shadowy corners, lit only by RGB from the latest gaming hardware.

Technology between the two SL models may be identical, but the Black Edition marks a specific rite of passage for the series: exactly 1 year of stellar reviews and awards. What was once just a novel idea is now an intensively tested and proven method of cooling and noise reduction.

Of course, the original Work/Play concept is as valid as it ever was, but the MasterCase SL600M Black Edition much prefers the latter.

Powder-Coated Aluminum Panels
Better suited to its covert personality, a jet-black powder coat embellishes the aluminum panels and internal layout.

Vertical Layout & Chimney Effect
Fresh, cool air is taken from the bottom of the case, assisting the natural rise of hot air out of the top of the case for proficient thermal performance.

Acoustic Noise Reduction
Since the path of airflow is from bottom to top, the front and rear panels of the case act as a shield against noise. From the front, noise is shielded from escaping toward the user, while the rear panel prevents noise from bouncing off neighboring walls, minimizing acoustics.

Operational Noise Reduction
Noise is further reduced by large, low RPM fans in comparison to smaller, conventional fans. With efficient case cooling, there is an increased potential for system fans to operate quieter in turn. For maximized noise reduction, the dual 200mm fans can be set to their lowest RPM setting via the I/O Panel.

Rotatable PCI Bracket
The entire window of the PCI Bracket is rotatable. This allows the unique option of mounting multiple graphics cards vertically and with more clearance away from the glass side panel, increasing the amount of air available to vertical graphics card(s).
*riser cable sold separately

Versatile Storage Brackets
The SL600M features versatile brackets that can mount an SSD, HDD, or a pump/reservoir for liquid cooling. Brackets can be placed in multiple positions inside the case, including the bottom radiator bracket and behind the front panel.

Proximity Lighting & I/O Panel
A proximity sensor triggers the USB lighting for easy access in the dark. The panel will stay temporarily lit before turning off automatically. Furthermore, the I/O Panel features a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB ports, a PWM fan speed slider, a headset jack (audio + mic), and a dedicated microphone jack.

Adjustable Top Ventilation
The aluminum top panel can be adjusted to 3 different positions. The panel can either stay flush against the mesh, raised, or completely removed.

From Novel Idea to Trusted Performance
The MasterCase SL600M not only won the 2019 Red Dot Award, but also won numerous tech awards for its innovation, thermal performance, and product design by critics worldwide.

“The results speak for themselves. The phenomenal thermal performance coupled with fantastic audio performance puts this chassis well above the rest.” – TomsHardware, Editor’s Choice Award

“The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M is the sleekest chassis I had the pleasure of taking a look at for a long time…” TechPowerUp, Innovation Award, Editor’s Choice Award

“It is a high-quality case that will last for generations of upgrades. Overclockers Approved.” –, Overclockers Approved Award

“Cooler Master now makes the case with the best GPU cooling performance on our charts, for which it deserves accolades…”—GamersNexus, Best OOTB GPU Thermals Award

“The design of the chassis has been made to make your life a little easier while combining the best features an enthusiast crowd seeks in a chassis.”—Guru3D, Guru 3D Approved Award

“Cooler Master’s MasterCase SL600M is hardy and provides excellent airflow for advanced PC builds. This is a winning case for shoppers looking for a solid construction, component visibility through glass, and vertical airflow.”—PCMAG, Editor’s Choice Award

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