CyberPower BPE48V75ART2U UPS battery Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA) 12 V

CyberPowerSKU: BPE48V75ART2U



CyberPower’s BPE48V75ART2U Battery Pack offers extended run-times for the PR1000ELCDRTXL2U/ PR1500ELCDRTXL2U/ PR2200ELCDRTXL2U/ PR3000ELCDRT2U UPS. These 2U packs esthetically match the UPS’s, and can similarly be rack or tower mounted. The heavy gauge power cord is adapted with plug-n-play DC connectors for easy installation. The all metal enclosure safely houses the 8 (eight) 12V 9Ah batteries which are connected via 3 strings of 4 in series. Unlimited battery packs can be daisy-chained to the UPS for extended run-times.*

- Form Factor – 2U configuration supports both rack and tower mounting
- Metal Housing – Rigid metal construction allows for placement in areas with a demanding environment.
- Power On/Off Switch - Local power switch for manual reset and control.
- Back-panel fuse - User replaceable fuse which is easily accessed from the rear panel.

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