DeepCool RGB 350 Universal LED strip

DeepcoolSKU: DP-LED-RGB350



Multiple, high-quality color
LED with 3 primary colors (RGB)
Provides pure, soft, uniform, and glare-free light at high brightness.

Magnet-based mounting
Applicable for iron-based surfaces.

Stable and long lifespan
Estimated 100,000-hour operational lifespan and provided with a safe 12V power supply.

Cut and Mount
Allows customized spatial configuration in your rig.

Software Control
Software control is accessible if your motherboard features RGB SYNC and a 12V RGB 4-pin port.

Remote Cotroller
Offer simple and convenient way to change the color and modes.

- Magnet-mounting for iron-based surfaces
- Long life (100,000 hours) ultra-bright LED with 3 primary colors
- Lighting modes: adjustable color, flash-rates, and breathing effects
- Can be conveniently adjusted using a remote control

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