Edifier W828NB Bluetooth 5.0 Active Noise Cancelling Headset,Mic. Reduction Foldable Hybrid Headphones - 5.

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Edifier W828NB Bluetooth 5.0 Active Noise Cancelling, Reduction Wireless Foldable Headphone

- Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones for optimum performance
- Qualcomm Bluetooth V5.0 ensures low power with high transfer and stable connection
- 25 hours playback with Bluetooth and ANC functions switched on
- Collapsible headphones comes with a secure travel pouch
- Supports AUX wired input which maintains ANC functionality

Active Noise Canceling (ANC)
Life can be noisy and chaotic. Create your own island of zen with our active noise canceling technology. The W828NB generates its own interference to greatly reduce ambient white noise. This allows you to stay fully immersed in your music.

Bluetooth 5.0
Pair devices quickly and easily, and enjoy faster transfer speeds and bandwidth than previous Bluetooth versions. Get more consistent audio quality with less delay, and experience streaming audio the way it was always meant to be heard.

25 hours playback with ANC
Hope you’ve got a long playlist loaded up because these headphones will stay active long after your day is over. Let your music carry you through your morning commute all the way to the end of your workday with full noise cancelling functionality. Up to 80 hours of battery life without ANC.

Collapsible Design
The W828NB folds up easily for quick storing and transport. Toss them into a bag or backpack, and worry less about your headphones bending or breaking from rough transport. Don't have a lot of room for storage? Don't stress out about it. When fully collapsed, they'll fit into a variety of small compartments.

Wired AUX Support
Running out of battery life? Or maybe you’re using them at home and want to conserve some charge for later. These headphones come with wired AUX support (including full ANC functionality), so you can maintain your noise canceling haven indefinitely. Spend more time listening and less time waiting.

Mic : Yes
Inner Carton 198 x 91 x 243mm 0.637 kg

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