GoGoGate iSmartGate Wireless Indoor IP Camera




Description:Easy to install IP camera compatible with Gogogate2. Includes 1 Megapixel resolution wide 116? angle two-way audio motion detection and night vision. 1 YEAR FREE VIDEO PLUGIN INCLUDED!|HD resolution (720p):Watch video in High Definition (1MP) from the iSmartgate Cam. Feature available with Gogogate2.|Night Vision:Watch your garage from your phone even in the dark. Night Vision for up to 8m. Feature available with Gogogate2.|Wide Angle:Diagonal angle of 116? for a panoramic view of your garage. Feature available with Gogogate2.|Two-Way Audio:Speak with your visitors and hear what they say from the iSmartgate Cam.|Motion detection alerts:The iSmartgate Cam will sense motion and send real time alerts so you know what happens in the garage.|Sound detection alerts:The iSmartgate Cam will make sure your garage is silent. If not It will alert you!|Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n):This IP camera connects to your home network wirelessly. No cables to pull (Ethernet connection available).|Easy Set Up:Scan a QR code with your phone and put your Wi-Fi password. That's it!|Free iSmartgate Cam app:Download the iSmartgate Cam to enjoy all the features from this great smart camera!|

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