Supermicro C7Z170-OCE Intel® Z170 LGA 1151 (Socket H4) ATX

SupermicroSKU: C7Z170-OCE



Major Benefits from Supermicro's in-house Design Superiority Supermicro motherboard advantages: - Technologically-advanced Motherboard Designs Since 1993 - Consistent highest-quality Design, Components, and Production Expertise - Extensive Range of x86 Serverboards Available - Competitive Price/Performance - High Performance Boards Supporting the Latest CPU, memory, and add-on Hardware - Standard Form Factors offer Feature - rich Support and application optimization These competitive advantages help Supermicro maintain its design leadership in providing state-of-the-art motherboards for a wide range of applications. Always a step ahead of the competition, Supermicro is consistently first-to-market in delivering high-performance technology support. Offering the most extensive serverboard selection in the industry at competitive prices, Supermicro boards are quality-built to maximize customer satisfaction.

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