Tenda TEF1109DT network switch Unmanaged Fast Ethernet (10/100) Grey

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TEF1109DT is a 9-port fast Ethernet switch developed by Tenda, offering 9 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports. Equipped with large packet buffer, it also ensures smooth streaming even when 8 HD IP cameras are working simultaneously. You can enable port VLAN mode of the switch to protect your LAN network from broadcast storm and prevent loss of monitoring images. In addition, the switch offers 6 kV lightning protection for its uplink port. In a word, TEF1109DT is a perfect choice for small and medium-sized IP surveillance projects and enterprises to have network.

Enjoy Super HD Video Screen
Equipped with 1024 KB large packet buffer,it ensures smooth streaming even when eight HD IP cameras of 500W are working simultaneously.

Excellent Lightning Protection
The switch supports 6 kV lightning protection for uplink port,protecting the switch from thunderstorms and making it more stable.

Transmission Distance up to 250m
With the extension technology,data can be transmitted through 250 meters cable which would be a cost-effective replacement for extenders and optical fibers.

Easy Port VLAN Setup
With VLAN Mode on , ports 1 to 8 are isolated from each other, enabling the switch to isolate broadcast storm, improving LAN security and data transmission.

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